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Video: Bentley is About to Release its First Ever SUV

For the first time in its almost 100-year history, Bentley is entering the SUV market.

In a major, super-luxe way. (Obviously.)

The British automaker first unveiled its opulent Bentayga at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show and will begin shipping it out to customers next year. Deposits have already been made for the model’s full first year of production, which means you’ll have to wait until at least 2017 if you order today.

Oh, and you’ll also need $320,000+ kickin’ around. Indeed, this is transport for the 1 per cent of the 1 per cent.

The Bentayga is capable of reaching 187 mph with a 0 to 60 time of just four seconds, which qualify it as the fastest and most powerful SUV in the world. That it’s also the most luxurious is a given.

It sits lower than traditional off-road vehicles (as if you would even consider taking this beauty out in adverse conditions) and struts a classy minimal exterior that defines the Bentley brand.

It’s the inside, however, that’s truly royal. It features 15 veneered pieces of wood trim, a choice of 15 shades of naturally tanned bull hide, 22-way adjustable massage chairs, a folding “event seat,” a “hamper set” with custom Linley china, utensils and crystal, a fridge, and ‘floating’ driver info panel. It’s complemented by high-quality metal accents throughout and speaker grilles behind a fine metal mesh.

Photo: CarandDriver


Photo: CarandDriver


Oh, and a timepiece more impressive than Prague’s astronomical clock – a Mulliner Tourbillon that’s wound by the car.

So yeah, if you’ve ever wanted to make the Queen jealous…


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