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Vega and Whole Foods Partner for Cambie Street Juice Co.

There’s no longer a spot in this city where you can’t find someone juicing it up, ready to quench your thirst with a dose of only-good-for-you ingredients. But when you partner two leaders in the health and food sector together, you get a juice bar that goes beyond the competition

Vega and Whole Foods Market have come together for a new joint venture, Cambie Street Juice Co.

Making this move into retail is a first for locally-based, Vega, the leader in clean, plant-based nutrition. And this makes their natural-focused grocery chain partner, Whole Foods Market, an ideal match.

Anyone wanting a taste can expect the same great juices and original smoothies they’ve come to expect from Whole Foods.

But now, instead of just adding a little Vega One Nutritional Shake supplement in, there will be a whole selection of official Vega smoothies to choose from.

The Juan De Fuca, Stanley Park, and five more juicy creations are all inspired by local British Columbia destinations containing the usual collection of everyone’s favourite fruits, veggies, and herbs and spices.

Every smoothie includes a dose of Vega One in either Natural or French Vanilla flavour. Vega’s leading all-in-one supplement contains 50% of the daily recommended intake of vitamins and minerals and is made dairy, gluten, and soy-free, without any added sugar.

It’s an effortless way to get all the essentials you need in a single drink. But if all that goodness still isn’t enough for you, you can always add a boost, wheatgrass, or wellness shot for a seriously power-packed smoothie.

And we’ll definitely drink to that.


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