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Vancouver Fashion Week S/S 2012

Vancouver Fashion Week is back on November 1st, and this year is shaping up to be a notable 10-year anniversary for the stretch of style. Find out the 411 in today's feature

Next week (November 1st through 6th) marks the return (and 10th year anniversary, we might add) of Vancouver Fashion Week. Upon launching in 2001, this bi-annual event is set to celebrate several nights of fashion-savvy fun, bringing the runway closer to home and showcasing the work of international and local designers alike while setting the stage for emerging talent. Notable aims to be front and center at several stylish shows and we think you should too.

Touted as the most prestigious fashion industry event open to the public on the West Coast, VFW will mark its anniversary year with the largest collection of design talents featured yet (close to 60). Take in collections from designers as far away as Poland, Mexico, Korea, Germany, Brazil, India and Ireland. We’re especially looking forward to globally-acclaimed Canadian designer Joseph Ribkoff, who will be kicking VFW off and into high gear early next week.

Rub elbows with likeminded fashionistas and -nistos, buyers and fashion editors as you take in the events that will take place at Masik Studio (tickets can be purchased individually or by day pass starting at $25). Masik Studio is located at 145 W. 2nd Ave in Vancouver.

This year’s Vancouver Fashion Week also marks the return of FMA’s Fashion Week Pop & Culture Festival that impeccably merges culture, art, music and fashion – kicked off by a well-attended VIP opening gala event.

FMA plans to repeat the success of last year with another night of fashion-driven festivities that will allow young professionals and industry veterans an opportunity to schmooze, mix and mingle within a well-heeled crowd out to support the creativity, drive and artistry behind the products.

Find information about all of the VFW 2011 designers as well as review the complete schedule of shows and events here.

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