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UK Company Introduces a ‘Period Policy,’ Giving Female Employees Time Off for Cramps

Though some may be sympathetic to it, men will never quite understand the side effects of the female period.

The feelings of irritation, angst, bloating, and inability to concentrate are just part of it.

Period cramps are quite another. At best, they can be distracting. At worst, they can be plain debilitating – and sometimes, no amount of Midol will help your cause. Of course, cramps are reason enough to blow off plans you’ve made for weeks, cancel your personal trainer, or skip the grocery store and order in. But they’ve likely never been a valid excuse to miss work (at least, not in your boss’ eyes).

But now, a UK company is allowing their female employees to take time off work for period cramps. Coexist’s official “period policy” is designed to allow females to take time off during their periods, with the belief that it will make the workplace more creative and efficient.

At Coexist, 24 of the 31 staff are female. The company manages Hamilton House in Bristol’s bohemian Stokes Croft quarter, and runs the space for artists, activists, and community organizations.

“There is a misconception that taking time off makes a business unproductive – actually it is about synchronizing work with the natural cycles of the body,” said Coexist Director Bex Baxter, according to The Guardian.

The new policy is said to be well received by both genders. Females are the ones who make the babies, after all, and a day or two off per month seems like a small price to pay for that job.

The hope, of course, would be that the females in the office don’t have synchronized cycles.


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