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Uber Rush Just Launched, Which Means Same-Day Delivery for Pretty Much Everything

Uber, seemingly a synonym for the word disrupt, is making it possible for people in Chicago, San Francisco, and New York to have their Pumpkin Spice Latte delivered to their door today.

Residents of those cities are the first to be granted access to Uber Rush, a courier service that promises customers same-day delivery for pretty much anything that’s been ordered and needs to be picked up and delivered. Uber will act solely as the courier; orders and payment need to be arranged with merchants.

In addition to #PSL deliveries to the office on a rainy day, Uber Rush is especially enticing for more significant, timely deliveries, like keys or clothes from the dry cleaners.

It is most valuable, however, for small businesses who want to offer a same-day delivery option that standard services like FedEx or UPS can’t keep up with. Uber Rush is also more versatile than traditional couriers because it makes it easy to arrange multiple deliveries. It essentially turns all businesses from “we can’t deliver” to “we could deliver.”

Canadian online retailer Shopify is one of the service’s first official partners, providing customers with the option of requesting an Uber pickup and delivery.

Signing up for Uber Rush is free, and merchants will have to pay between $7 and $9 to have their products picked up and delivered to customers. Whereas Postmates, a logistics company that delivers pretty much anything, allows to to order and pay through its service, Uber Rush is more of a third party application that deals exclusively with delivering your stuff behind the scenes. Real-time tracking of the delivery will be available just like it is when you request a ride.

Several stories about Uber Rush’s legality to follow.


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