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Toronto Woman Conceals Poop in Her Purse to Avoid Dating Nightmare

Successful dating is all about hiding the less attractive parts of yourself until the other person is too invested in you to dump your gross ass.

And we all know you that flatulence is a big no-no for at least the first two months of a relationship. But what about a poop in your date’s bathroom that just won’t flush?

Do you come clean and confess to the unthinkable unsinkable? Or do you hatch a plan to get yourself out of trouble – even if that means harboring a fugitive in your purse for the rest of the evening?

One brave Toronto woman did just that. But rather than dying with the knowledge that she had committed dating suicide, @misunderstood worm live tweeted the whole experience, letting the world know that she had pooped whilst on a date and slipped it in her bag.

Genius or borderline crazy person? The jury’s still out, but one thing is for sure. This sh*t is hilarious.


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