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Toronto is the Best City in the World for Tech Workers

While The 6ix may not be considered a huge tech hub like San Francisco, that might actually work to its advantage.

According to a new report by start-up Teleport, Toronto is the top city in the world for software developers.


Apparently the city’s low crime rate and high Internet speeds make for a winning combination for tech-savvy professionals. Additionally, the good air quality, abundance of co-working spaces, and relative affordability compared to cities like New York or London also help make Toronto an attractive destination for tech industry workers and companies alike.

“The cost of one engineer in Toronto is about a third of a cost of one in San Francisco,” entrepreneur Henry Shi tells Metro News.

Despite nabbing the top spot, many experts agree that Toronto could still do a lot more to attract the tech community.


For instance, offering free public WiFi and more affordable housing and transit would really help put Toronto on the map Coun. Josh Matlow told Metro News. While the city has been testing out free WiFi in parts of Parkdale, it’s clear that the city still has a long way to go if they really want to be the Silicon Valley of the North.

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