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This Stunning Greek Island Home is Built Directly Into a Cliff

Lyrical brutalism.

No, it’s not an 80s punk band – it’s the name Greek architects Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos have used to describe the style behind their latest design, Casa Brutale.

And while we already asked you last month if this cliff-hanging option in Australia was the coolest house in the world, it looks like this island gem on the Aegean Sea might be stepping in (to the cliff) to take the crown.

After all, its entire ceiling is a glass bottom swimming pool.

Although still just a concept, Casa Brutal would be build entirely into the cliffside, offering the benefits “from a perfect homeostatic mechanism with thermal insulation from the surrounding ground, and the cooling properties of the swimming pool.”

Your house might just literally be the coolest in the world.

No word on what it costs to cut into a cliff in Rhodes and put a modern house in it, but with views like this that might simply be because it’s priceless.

You’ll probably want to wait to see how the Greek debt works itself out before buying though…

All Photos courtesy of OPA Works.


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