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This Startup is Working on Roads That Can Wirelessly Charge Electric Cars

Someday very soon we’ll all be driving electric vehicles. That is a fact, and there’s nothing oil can do about it.

Until that day, though, there are still plenty of hurdles to clear before electric cars go mainstream. One of them is where to find a damn plug, and how far you can go before finding the next.

One Israeli startup is working on a pretty incredible way to solve the issue: charging roads.

ElectRoad – yes, like the Pokemon – has made it their mission to increase the market share for EVs by developing a unique technology that powers the vehicle wirelessly from the road while driving.

A “smart road,” if you will.

Here’s how it works:

“The electricity will come from renewable energy transferred to the road. This is a really sustainable solution,” says ElectRoad founder Oren Ezer.

He goes on to explain: “A battery for an electric bus can cost $300,000 and weigh 5 tons. If you remove the battery then the bus is much lighter and requires less energy. This technology is cost saving. If you compare it to diesel buses, it’s half the price. If you just start with public transportation it will save money and then you can open it up to taxis and trams. Payback is very fast.”

The next step for his company will be completing a trial phase that will see an electric bus in Tel Aviv test the technology. Pending its success, someone will probably work on integrating Siri with the road.


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