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This New Device Will Tell You if Your Meal Has Gluten in It – And You Can Take it to a Restaurant

Somehow it’s already an old joke:

How do you know if someone doesn’t eat gluten? Don’t worry, they’ll tell you.

Well, now they won’t even have to open their mouths, you’ll simply be able to see their Nima sitting on the table next to them.

And considering that by 2020 “gluten-free and free-from foods are projected to grow to 23.9 billion U.S. dollars,” you might get used to seeing this little triangle taking up space next to plates.

It’s simple, easy to use, and does what the title of this article says – it tells you whether or not your food has gluten in it. And it does it within 2 minutes.

Apparently, until now, gluten-freers had to wait much longer than that to find out if their food was, in fact, comprised of their least favourite protein composite. They had to do things like chew the food, enjoy it, and wait to see if they gained weight later on. (Obviously this isn’t a joke to that 1% of the population actually suffering from Celiac disease – to them we say, this might actually be a good idea.)

Anyway, back to Nima. Simply fork off a bite of your meal, insert it into a Nima test pod, slide the pod into position and wait for a 120 seconds. Nima can detect gluten in 20 parts per million or more, so, if after 2 minutes you see a blue sad face pop up on the display, you can be pretty sure you shouldn’t be eating that food. Likewise, if you get a happy face instead (yes, we’re serious) then you’re good to go ahead and digest.

As of October 20th, the Nima starter kit, with the sensor and three one-time use test pods, can be pre-ordered for $179 (USD) from the project’s builders at 6SensorLabs. By October 25th, however, the price will already jump to $199 (USD) and eventually, when all pre-orders have run out, the retail price for a Nima will settle at $249 (USD). Meanwhile, in pre-ordering days, a 12-pack of test pods will run for $47.95 (USD).

Sounds like a pretty expensive way to not just ask your server what they they should already know. Either way, we expect these things will sell like gluten free hot cakes.


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