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This is Why Canada Needs the Six-Hour Workday

Young professionals never seem to have enough time in the week to get everything done.

Between working beyond the classic 9-5, staying up to date with every popular Netflix series, and maintaining a social life, finding an ideal work-life balance is increasingly difficult.

But what if we were given more time to do the things we truly enjoy? We would have more time to hang out with friends and family and focus on maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Not to mention, we would be able to get more accomplished on our own time, reducing stress and frustration that could negatively affect productivity.

So how can we do this? How can we get more time to focus on ourselves without taking more time off work? The six-hour workday, that’s how.

We told you six months ago that Sweden is exploring the concept of implementing a six-hour workday. Now, Bloomberg is proving that it works.

And Canada needs to jump aboard.

The government-funded experiment in Sweden has found that a shorter workweek can actually increase productivity, creating a better working experience for everyone.

For the past year, 68 nurses at the Svartedalens retirement home have been working 6-hour work days, and the results have shown positive outcomes. The study also monitored those in a control group at a similar facility who were working eight-hour days.

The nurses working 6-hour days reported being happier at work, more productive, less likely to call in sick, 2.8 times less likely to take any time off in a two-week period.

“If the nurses are at work more time and are more healthy, this means that the continuity at the residence has increased,” said researcher Bengt Lorentzon to Bloomberg. “That means higher quality [care].”

Currently, most Canadian millennials work 9-5 jobs. More often than not, these young professionals end up working 10-hour days because they believe if they work harder now they’ll be able to prove themselves to their employer, which will benefit them in the long run.

Is this actually true? Maybe at some companies that value hard work and dedication. Most, however, would emphasize productivity above all, which drops off considerably when employees are burnt out from working overtime to “prove themselves.”

This is where the 6-hour workday comes in.

By gaining extra time to focus on yourself, employers would reap the benefits of a happier, rested workforce.

Unfortunately, our labour force is heading the workaholic route right now, so the chance of this taking off in Canada in the near future seems slim.

If you’re looking for a new way to increase productivity for the time being, might we suggest installing this impressive hammock under your desk a la George Costanza?

Otherwise, you could always move to Sweden.


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