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This Inflatable Sleep Hoodie is a Travel Dream for Nap Lovers

Sometimes, you just need a nap – even if you’re far from your bed (or any bed).

This, of course, is especially the case when it comes to travel, when all the waiting around, line-ups, and crowds have you wanting to crash hard at that airport terminal, or the moment you set foot on the plane or train.

That’s why the Hypnos Sleep Hoodie may be your next favourite travel accessory.

With just a few breaths of air through a built-in tab in the hood, the inflatable sweatshirt basically becomes a discreet little wearable napping station. The hidden in-hood pillow inflates in a matter of seconds and is designed to contour your head for cozy naps on the go.

You won’t look like you’re trying to smuggle something on-board in your hood either – the shirt is designed so that the inconspicuous hoodie pillow is virtually undetectable when inflated or deflated.

Though basic, the sweatshirts are stylish, and available in speckled grey, charcoal grey, and black. It will be available as either a pullover or a zip-up sweatshirt, or as a jacket.

The product is in its final days of funding on Kickstarter, where, at time of writing, it had attracted $101,674 in backing of its original goal of $30,000.

For $49.00, you can pre-order the Standard Pullover Hoodie, which will ship out in March.

It sounds like a travel dream to us. Just add earplugs (and a pre-flight glass of red), and that screaming baby won’t stand chance. 


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