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This Hilarious Parody Video Has Canada Running for President in 2016

There’s a new candidate in the U.S election. And this one is even more Canadian than Ted Cruz.

The Canada Party is here. And it’s like America, only better.

Writers, Chris Cannon and Brian Calvert have come up with a deliciously satirical election campaign that hopes to gently intervene in the current presidency catastrophe that includes “WTF” characters and *shudders* poll leaders like Donald Trump.

Brian, presenting the video, says that “as your whitest neighbour we realise you don’t think about us very much,” but promises to help turn around the fortunes of the U S of A by pulling together and offering the services of everyone north of the border.

34 million of the “politest people you will ever meet” he assures, will work in shifts to act as their Commander in Chief.

“Declaring our Canada-cy for President of the United States of America” once again, the pair were not deterred by their snub back in 2012.

Despite confessing to being hurt by the rebuff, they’ve dusted themselves off in time for the 2016 election, with their last minute entry claiming: “We’re Canada. So we just went to the doctors and got our feelings checked for free.”

If elected they promise to open one child daycare for every closed Planned Parent clinic and to legalise weed.

Less bad wigs and more cozy sweaters – watch out, Trump. Canada’s coming for you.


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