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This App Sends You Inspirational Texts to Help You Crush it Every Day

For many of us, getting out of bed in the morning can be a real struggle.

You’re tired, you’re stressing about work, and no amount of #MondayMotivation is going to change that.

So to help us push off the covers, throw back the blinds, and go bouncing into our work week, a new motivational app called Shine is here to give us some inspiration.

At 8:30am (in the user’s time zone) you’ll be sent a motivational quote or “tactical action” for making the most of your day or week and an accompanying GIF or photo – like Beyonce in all her baseball-wielding glory because, duh, you’re totally going to smash this week.

Which is a much more reasonable hour to be thinking about achieving our goals than 4am, which is when the Rock wakes up.

Still not feeling all warm and fuzzy?

Users can text M for more motivation – up to five times a day. Consider it the ‘snooze’ feature, after which you really need to get your ass out of bed.

Each day will have its own theme with topics around how to be happy, healthy, and more productive.

Founders Naomi Hirabayashi and Marah Lidey started Shine as a side project but eventually left their positions at to focus full-time on their motivational app.

“Millennials are increasingly seeking ways to connect with themselves and set their days and their lives up for success. It’s called intentional living and they are all about it,” said the pair to Mashable.

The Silicone Valley duo recognised the need for weekday motivation among millennials but understood that social media’s tendency to curate and display only the best side of our lives wasn’t exactly the healthiest way to do that.

“While social media helps us connect with others, it often only shows the ‘highlight reel’ of our friends or celebs, which adds to the pressure,” said Marah.

“Trust us: it’ll give you all the feels before you even get out of bed,” promises Shine.

And if you love it, you can send those good vibes along.

“Share this motiv-affirmation (motivation + affirmation. Yeah, we made up a word) with your friends to give them the boost they need,” says the website.

Rise and shine, millennials.


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