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London Unveils ‘Fast Lanes’ for Pedestrians Where Texting and Walking is Banned

Everybody has their list of pet peeves. For me, slow walkers are pretty much at the top.

Whether it’s a couple too into each other to realize they’re taking up the entire sidewalk or a group of Starbucks-instagramming tweens, these people are all the worst and need to GTFO of my way ASAP.


And while my rage may seem a tad irrational, I’m surely not alone. Seriously, Google “slow walkers” and you’ll find a ton of blog posts from people who are all on team fast walkers.

Another vocal supporter? Insurance company Direct Line.

They created the Direct Lane – a dedicated path in the London Tube which allows speedier citizens to bypass the slowpokes on their commute.

The rules of the Direct Lane are simple: no selfies, no dawdling, no Pokemon Go, and no scooters.

Commuters are also expected to maintain a pace of at least three miles per hour while using the lane. How they will regulate the speed is unclear (though I do love Refinery29‘s suggestion of using a radar speed sign).


Additionally, even though the pathways are technically a publicity stunt, that hasn’t stopped people from asking for the lanes to become a permanent fixture, or even expand to other cities.

Or other countries perhaps? TTC, we’re looking at you.


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