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These Are the Major Canadian Cities That Get the Most Sunlight

Supposedly, it’s spring.

But it doesn’t particularly feel like it in Toronto on this damn dreary day.

After a long winter (however “easy” and forgiving it was on Canadians this year), we’re all craving a little sunshine. That’s why we wanted to find out the sunniest major Canadian cities. Of course, seeing as sun doesn’t always equal warmth, we’ve also included the annual average temperatures for the cities as well.

As it turns out, the “Sunniest City” award goes to Calgary. “Cowtown” gets an average of 2396 hours of bright sun each year, spread over 333 days. In fact, it’s the only major Canadian city to average close to 2400 hours of sun a year. For the sunniest of Canadian cities, the sun beams down during at least half of daylight hours (which is all we can really hope for this far north, right?).

Here are the major Canadian cities who are winning when it comes to weather, based on data collected from 1981-2010.

Hours of sunshine:

Calgary (Photo: Mind Blowing Trip)

1. Calgary, Alberta: 2396
2. Winnipeg, Manitoba: 2353
3. Edmonton, Alberta: 2345
4. Regina, Saskatchewan: 2318
5. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: 2268
6. Victoria, British Columbia: 2109
7. Ottawa, Ontario: 2084
8. Toronto, Ontario: 2066
9. St. John, New Brunswick: 1947
10. Vancouver, British Columbia: 1938

Average number of days annually with some bright sunshine:


1. Calgary, Alberta: 333
2. Edmonton, Alberta: 325
3. Regina, Saskatchewan: 322
4. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: 319
5. Winnipeg, Manitoba: 316
6. Victoria, British Columbia: 308
7. Montreal, Quebec: 305
8. Toronto, Ontario: 305
9. Vancouver, British Columbia: 289
10. St. John, New Brunswick: 283

Percentage of daylight hours that are sunny:

Ottawa (Expedia)

1. Calgary, Alberta: 52
2. Winnipeg, Manitoba: 51
3. Edmonton, Alberta: 52
4. Regina, Saskatchewan: 50
5. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: 49
6. Ottawa, Ontario: 45
7. Toronto, Ontario: 44
8. Montreal, Quebec: 44
9. Moncton, New Brunswick: 44
10: St. John, New Brunswick: 43
11. Halifax, Nova Scotia: 43

Hottest average daily high temperature:

1. Victoria, British Columbia: 15°C
2. Vancouver, British Columbia: 13°C
3. Toronto, Ontario: 13°C
4. Montreal, Quebec: 12°C
5. Calgary, Alberta: 11°C
6. Halifax, Nova Scotia: 11°C
7. Ottawa, Ontario: 11°C
8. St. John, New Brunswick: 10°C
9. Edmonton, Alberta: 9°C
10. Winnipeg, Manitoba: 9°C
11. St. John’s, Newfoundland: 9°C

Source: Environment Canada. Meteorological Service of Canada. Canadian Climate Normals. 1981-2010 Climate Normals & Averages.


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