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These Are the Travel Destinations Canadians Want to Visit Most Next Year

We Canadians are a travel-happy bunch – an instinct Contiki has been catering to for over half a century.

The Millennial-focused travel company has just released their ‘No Regrets’ travel list, a ranking of the top travel destinations Canadians can’t wait to experience.

From riding bikes through Amsterdam to road-tripping Route 66, one thing is clear: no adventure is off limits. If you’ve been even somewhat active on Instagram over the past year, Canadians’ top destination shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Yes, it’s Iceland.

travel destinations canadians

According to a survey of Canadian 18-to-35-year-olds, a dip in the Blue Lagoon is next year’s top travel wish.

Seeing the pyramids of Giza, walking the Great Wall of China, chilling out in Byron Bay, and learning how to make pizza in Italy round out the top five, respectively.

The top 20 below:

travel destinations canadians

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