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This Abortion Rights Mural Was Covered up, so People Protested in the Best Possible Way

The removal of an abortion rights mural in Dublin could be the best thing to happen for the pro-choice cause.

Street artist Maser painted the original mural three weeks ago on the wall of Dublin’s Project Arts Centre. It featured a large red heart containing the words “Repeal the 8th” and called on the Irish government to repeal its constitutional ban on abortion.

It was, however, short-lived: it didn’t take long for the Dublin City Council to paint over the art.

On Monday, after a 19-day lifespan, city council officials removed the mural after it was deemed a violation of planning laws.

Not surprisingly, the removal of the mural sparked a social media outrage. Users took to their outlets of choice, calling the act censorship.

It also inspired a remarkable expression of public solidarity that has taken over the city.

Protestors donned blue face paint and stood at the site of the mural, holding signs and taking pictures. Naturally, images of the artwork have quickly made their way through social media channels.

Last night, using graffiti and projection, campaigners recreated an image of the original mural onto a building in Cork, Ireland. Another graffiti artist even recreated the original mural on a legal wall in in Arklow, Ireland.

Passionate campaigners have even taken to the streets, painting the words “Repeal the 8th” on the walls near a different mural by Maser.

Image: Maser via

It didn’t take long for “Repeal the 8th” t-shirts to surface – and to quickly sell out.

But it didn’t stop there: a bakery even recreated Maser’s “Repeal the 8th” artwork on doughnuts. There are now stickers with the design throughout the city as well.

With the image taking over the city, accompanied by the passionate voices that won’t be silenced, the removal of the mural actually inspired one of the most progressive and visual movements the city has seen for the cause.

It’s not the last we’ll see of the artwork, that’s for sure.


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