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The Perfect Summer Drink to Take You from Workout to Happy Hour

Well, Canada, we’ve braved one hell of a winter. Now that we are rolling into summer, the biggest questions are: When is the next barbecue and what should we grab from the liquor store on the way?

The good news is that Truly Spiked and Sparkling has finally made its way to Canada. It’s everything you love about a vodka soda lime without the hassle of having to bring all of the ingredients with you to the party. Although the alcohol derives from cane sugar (not vodka), we find Truly to be more refreshing than sweet, and it doesn’t pack the bitter punch that vodka and gin tend to have.

This sparkling beverage has proven itself in the U.S. market as a go-to low-calorie alcoholic beverage. At just 100 calories and 2g of carbs per can, it can be enjoyed guilt-free. Premixed cocktails have been around for years, and although they are praised for their convenience, their biggest downfall is the sugar and accompanying bloated feeling that might transpire after having one or two. This is not the case with Truly Colima Lime.

Truly-fitness-workout-drink-cocktailsTo celebrate Truly Spiked and Sparkling’s debut in Canada, Notable Life brought out our loyal community to participate in a two-day pop-up fitness studio hosted at Love Child Social House. The idea was to bring together individuals who love getting a good sweat on and to show them that they can relax and enjoy an alcoholic beverage without compromising everything they have just worked for. We enjoyed a weekend of workout classes led by some of Toronto’s top fitness instructors, which was followed by a No Shower Happy Hour complete with Truly Colima Lime and tasty snacks from Calii Love.

The Truly Studio opened its doors bright and early Saturday morning with a high intensity ‘Build and Burn’ class with Beverley Cheng. Beverley was named Notable Life’s 2017 Fitness Influencer of the Year and she did not disappoint. Next up, dance guru Caroline Torti took the stage and led us through a high-energy dance combination to the likes of Bruno Mars and Cardi B. Both beginners and advanced dancers were in the house, all having a blast and sharing laughs.

Eva Redpath kicked things off Sunday morning with a HIIT workout. She incorporated partner and group drills to keep everyone engaged and accountable. The final class of the weekend was led by Sydney and Kaitlyn, also known as the Yoga Twins. Their vinyasa flow was the perfect finish for a balanced Sunday afternoon. Heading into our #noshowerhappyhour we were relaxed, refreshed, and ready to jump into the upcoming week.

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Truly-fitness-workout-drink-cocktails  Truly-fitness-workout-drink-cocktails Truly-fitness-workout-drink-cocktails Truly-fitness-workout-drink-cocktailsTruly-fitness-workout-drink-cocktails


Chelsea Broderick

Chelsea Broderick is the Project Manager and contributing writer at Notable Life.