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The Numbers Behind Hillary’s Fundraising Campaign are the Most Impressive of All Time

Hillary Clinton’s off to a strong start.

In fact, it’s a record setting start.

The presidential candidate is set to raise a record $45 million in the first quarter of her presidential campaign, putting her in the driver’s seat to secure the Democratic nomination.


So far, the seemingly fundraising-obsessed Clinton has raised an average of $555,000 per day since officially launching her campaign for the Democratic nomination in April. This means she’s surpassed President Obama’s previous record of $41.9 million set in the first three months of his re-election campaign in 2012.

With a grass-roots focus on building a network of small donors, ninety-one per cent of her funds came from donations of $100 or less. Donations were capped at $2,700 for the race’s primary season, but the “Hillstarter” program asks top donors to hold fundraising events that generate at least $27,000.

Not surprisingly, many of the “Hillstarter” events have been held at swanky penthouses and sprawling homes of the top donors, and filled with their friends with thick wallets. Clinton herself headlined 58 fundraisers in 18 states in the three-month quarter (does this woman ever sleep?).

I mean, I guess I’d put sleep on hold as well if Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett showed up to perform, as they did at a fundraiser last month. Just this week, she hit another event where Jon Bon Jovi was the entertainment.

Either way, an official for Clinton announced the numbers yesterday.

The fundraising numbers are set to be a part of the campaign’s report to the Federal Election Commission for the first fiscal quarter. The report is due on July 15, and Clinton is still running figures on the final report, as she said on Twitter.

She also took to Twitter to post a shot of a handwritten thank you note to her supporters.

“Thank you so much for being part of this campaign. I’m grateful for all you’ve done and excited for what comes next. When the road ahead is tough, you need the best people by your side. That’s why I’m thankful for you.”

Given her success to date, it’s safe to assume that the campaign will surpass its apparent fundraising goal of $100 million (no big deal, right?).


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