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The ‘Llama With No Drama’ Instagram Account is Here to Brighten Your Day

From Uber potentially being shut down in Quebec, to Donald Trump’s ‘Woman Card’, to wars around the world, our timelines are constantly flooding with negative news.

Which is why Eylul Savas was determined to find a way to give people a break from the drama and offer a reason to appreciate the good things in life, if only for a few seconds.

Savas created an Instagram account that follows the adventures of an adorable stuffed llama as it travels the globe without a care in the world. The llama — appropriately named Llama With No Drama — will instantly brighten your day and leave a smile on your face.

“Overall, the world’s drama was the trigger point. Every day, as if trying to deal with our daily struggles is not enough, we’re also being exposed to lots of sad news,” she said.

Savas, a marketing professional and wanderlust extraordinaire, started the account just over a month ago and the adorable llama already travelled to Miami, New York City, Palm Beach, Disney World, and Colombia.

“I chose a llama because people don’t know much about them. They are funny looking, fun and despite the common saying ‘drama llama,’ they’re actually drama-free,” Savas said. “They’re free spirits and can spit on your face just for nothing, because why not?!”

Aside from making Instagrammers much happier, Savas hopes the account will inspire people to start their own adventures: “In my opinion, that’s what feeds someone’s soul the most.”

? Feeling good!#llamawithnodrama

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A photo posted by Llama With No Drama (@llamawithnodrama) on

After a full speed trip in Colombia feels good to be home for a few days.#llamawithnodrama

A photo posted by Llama With No Drama (@llamawithnodrama) on

Colombian flowers are my new favorite. ? #llamawithnodrama

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Breathtaking. Period. #llamawithnodrama

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