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The Champagne Room is Closed: Strip Clubs are a Dying Business in Canada

Bad news for some, great news for others; strip clubs are now becoming an endangered species in Canada. As a growing number of would-be patrons turn to their electronic devices, a growing number of Canada’s strip clubs are closing their doors

When it comes to adult entertainment, strip clubs are becoming a dying breed in Canada. 

Case in point, though you probably only frequented a few of them, a decade ago, Toronto was home to 63 strip clubs.

Now, there’s only a modest 14.

And not only is that just fine with us, it also makes sense. 

After all, who needs to drop hundreds of dollars when there’s virtual porn? Plus, the typical target market seems to have a million other things to occupy their minds – and spare time – with these days.

According to the Adult Entertainment Association of Canada, men are more interested in their electronic devises than live, flesh and blood strippers.
When something bad closes for a bad reason, is that good?

Your guess is as good as ours. 

But we can also thank urban planning and redevelopment for the demise of the strip club. The typically low-rent urban real estate occupied by strip clubs is attractive to condo developers and business owners.

Either way, good, old-fashioned strip clubs are disappearing faster than a stripper’s clothes once they hit the stage. 


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