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The Business of Weed – September 14th, 2018

This week in the world of weed…

The Business of Weed is a weekly series brought to you by Jay Rosenthal, the Co-founder and President of Business of Cannabis, to keep you up to date on all weed-related news. Here are this week’s biggest headlines.

A Boost for the Black Market?
An unintended consequence of the looming strike among Canada Post workers may be that legal medical cannabis patients may go back to buying on the black market. That’s because the only way to legally receive cannabis right now is by mail. In an effort to help avert the strike, Canopy Growth – the largest cannabis company in Canada, is trying to make the case to government that medical cannabis an “essential service”. Amen to that.

Responsible Canna-Business
As the Canadian cannabis industry grows – it is also growing up. Now, the industry is thinking about how to be a responsible, international leader. A growing number of leading companies are joining the Global Cannabis Partnership. The GCP’s goal is to create, “…an international standard for the safe and responsible production, distribution and consumption of legal recreational cannabis…” Proving that cannabis is an industry that Canada can be proud of.

That’s “Ahlot” of Cannabis
You’ve heard of a flight of wine or a sample-pack of beer – so why not cannabis? That’s the thinking of the folks at Ahlot. (Ahlot stands for A Higher Level of Thought…) Ahlot is putting together a 5-pack of cannabis for consumers allowing them to sample the full gamut of the best of Canadian cannabis starting on October 17th.

That’s all this week. Check back next Friday for more weed-related news. 

Jay Rosenthal