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‘The Art of Sales” is a Must-Attend for Every Young Professional

To say sales skills are incredibly important in our ever-competitive cities is a bit of an understatement.

Because they’re not simply important – they’re an art.

That’s why it’s probably a good idea to check out “The Art of Sales” on January 26 in Toronto. The unique, one-day conference features five internationally renowned bestselling authors and visionaries sharing a blend of cutting edge thinking, best practices, current trends, and real world experience on today’s most critical sales issues.

And if anyone knows how to sell, it’s these business aficionados:

Daniel H. Pink
The success of Daniel H. Pink’s “To Sell is Human: The Surprising Truth About Moving Others,” proves he knows a thing or two about sales. It was a #1 New York Times Business Bestseller, a #1 Wall Street Journal Business Bestseller, and a #1 Washington Post bestseller (no big deal, right?). Pink will speak about sales effectiveness.

Brent Adamson
In his book “The Challenger Customer: Selling to the Hidden Influencer Who Can Multiply your Results,” Brent Adamson argues that being a ‘challenger seller’ isn’t enough and that your success depends on who you influence. Rather than targeting the enthusiastic and eager consumer, Adamson argues for the pursuit and winning over of the skeptical customer. He’ll share his seasoned knowledge on sales performance.

Ian Chamandy
In “Why Should I Choose You? (in Seven Words or Less)”, Ian Chamandy and co-author Ken Aber outline the importance for businesses to define the one thing that sets them apart from every other similar organization in seven words or less. With a focus on strategy and performance, Chamandy will break it down for you as well.

Keith Ferrazzi
In his most recent book, “Who’s Got Your Back: The Breakthrough Program to Build Deep, Trusting Relationships That Create Success–and Won’t Let You Fail,” Keith Ferrazzi dispels the notion of our culture’s go-at-it-alone mentality, arguing instead that the path to success in your personal and professional life is through creating an inner circle of  “lifeline relationships.” Ferrazzi will offer his seasoned wisdom on the topic of relationships (appropriately).

Mitch Joel
Mitch Joel’s “Ctrl Alt Delete: Reboot Your Business. Reboot Your Life. Your Future Depends on It,” cautions that the time has come to reboot and rebuild your business model; otherwise, your company will fall behind and you’ll find yourself unemployable in five years. Joel will speak on the topic of consumer behavior, offering a deeper understanding of critical changes in business and how consumers buy.

In addition to the competitive advantage you’ll leave armed with, the event is also a prime opportunity to network with over 1,200 of Canada’s most influential sales professionals – so bring those business cards.

And because we love you, we’re offering an exclusive perk for our notable readers. With the promo code HERE, readers will receive a discount when purchasing tickets.

Naturally, the event will sell out. So you’d better get your tickets now.



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