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Target Hits the Mark With New “Real Bodies” Swimwear Campaign

This year’s been pretty revolutionary in the departure of the Barbie doll-esque model.

We’ve seen Victoria’s Secret’s swimsuit issue feature a plus-sized model for the first time, fuller figured models strut their stuff in Fashion Week shows, France’s move to ban super-skinny models, and no shortage of powerful campaigns that embrace “real bodies.”

The latest example of the shift comes with Target’s body-diverse “Target Loves Every Body” swim campaign.

Instead of casting the typical, thin, sample-size models in their campaign, the brand is among the growing number of companies to swap models for influential bloggers. For the campaign, Target turned to bloggers like Nashelly Messina of Fabulatina, Nikki Minton of My Style Diaries, Simply Stylist‘s Sarah Boyd, and Chantè Burkett of Everything Curvy and Chic.


All of the bloggers don the line of swimwear – and look pretty good doing so too.

The campaign takes it a step further than featuring realistically proportioned females. The company also highlights the best type of swimwear to flatter any body type in an accompanying video. Stylist and E! News correspondent Zanna Roberts Rassi helps each woman identify both her favourite physical feature (and doing so is a good exercise for any woman), and her most challenging styling area.


Of course, for some women, this could mean their tummies or hips. For others, it’s their breasts (or lack thereof).

I mean, every female has her so-called “problem area.”

Rassi then offers her seasoned advice and selects the best cuts to flatter each body type – no matter what that may be. She reveals that high-waisted bottoms that reach your natural waist help hide that winter weight, and that triangle shaped bikini tops are the best for creating curves – plus more.


As for the swimsuits, they’re actually super cute.

Not only will the campaign – and the swimwear line – make bathing suit shopping less torturous this season (even with the horrible change room lighting), it will hopefully inspire other retailers to “jump on board.”

All photos courtesy of Target

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