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Four Seasons Total Landscaping releases swag and Zoom background

Four Seasons Total Landscaping is the hottest enterprise in America. And possibly the world. It’s been more than a week since Donald Trump’s campaign brought the modest Philadelphia business to the world’s attention. In case you’re still in the dark: The details are so absurd that even a deadpan report

The Sip Of The Summer

Picture this: you’re part of an exclusive cooking class, led by Owner & Executive Chef at Elle Cuisine, Lauren Mozer, surrounded by some of the city’s best, making possibly the most delicious meal you’ve ever created yourself. The only caveat, it’s all over a Zoom call. Welcome to 2020, ladies

Encouraging Vulnerability One Yoga Class at a Time: Ally Maz

I met Alex Mazerolle (who commonly goes by Ally Maz) on the sunny, sandy beaches of Playa Maderas, Nicaragua in 2016. We shared anecdotes and bonded over the things that make life so interesting. I was particularly struck by Ally’s passion-led career, and her relentless vision and goal to empower

Are You Taking the Digital Party too Far?

Despite remaining cooped up at home, many millennials are seeing more of their friends than they did in the pre-COVID-19 era, thanks to digital parties facilitated by platforms like Zoom and the increasingly popular Houseparty app. Video calls and digital gatherings are one of the (admittedly few) silver linings in

#NotableBusiness: Landscaping Company Eden App

With spring upon us (though it may not feel like it, lookin’ at you, single-digit temperatures), lawncare might be on your mind if you’re among one of the lucky ones to own property in and around the GTA. Eden app is a landscaping company that has had to make some