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6 Habits to Master in Your 20s 

The idea of building habits has only increased in popularity with books like Atomic Habits by James Clear or The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, taking the professional development genre by storm.  Dedicating the time and effort to developing life habits when you’re young will only benefit you in

Mai Pham on Youtube, Mental Health and her Newest Project

Destiny’s Child’s “Independent Woman” was about social media content creator Mai Pham. Okay, not really. But at just 13-years-old, Pham started her journey of becoming a Youtube star and two years later left her parent’s home in Alberta to follow her love for travelling around the world. Now, at 18,

CEO of Her Own Beauty Empire at Just 24

At just 24 years old, Raquel DaSilva is the CEO of a beauty empire.  After founding LASHGOD – originally an eyelash extension salon – in 2018, Raquel’s beauty brand has spawned into a robust ecomm site, two physical locations, an aesthetics college, and 4 sister companies. Count ‘em.  We caught

Secrets of The Biz: Eric Brass, Tequila Tromba

Meet Eric Brass. Backer of the underdog. Believer that passion, determination and hard work can overcome almost any conventional obstacle. Tell us about Tromba Tequila Tromba is named after the intense rainstorms that feed the legendary Mexican highlands where the world’s finest tequila is made. We made Tromba for those

The Sounds of the Notable Awards: DJ Sanga Genesis

He is best known for getting the crowd moving, and later this month he is taking the stage at the 7th Annual Notable Awards. Sanga Genesis is a DJ, remixer and resident pizza connoisseur. Sanga has performed all over the world, but he still prefers performing on his home turf in Toronto.