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Stacy’s Rise Project: A funding initiative to support women entrepreneurs

The topic of supporting women entrepreneurs is top of mind for many.  The World Economic Forum cited World Bank saying that although women’s entrepreneurship is growing, obstacles remain and men continue to outnumber women 3-1 in business ownership. Luckily, initiatives exist to help women entrepreneurs rise up with access to funding, mentorship,

Dear Media – Empowering Bold Womxn Centric Voices

With their company focused on amplifying the voices of womxn in podcasting, a space that is predominantly male-oriented, Dear Media is the first Podcast Network of its kind. Founded in 2018 by Michael Bosstick, husband to Lauryn Evart Bosstick, co-hosts of the successful podcast The Skinny Confidential Him & Her,

#NotableBusiness: Online Marketplace SAM & LANCE

Can you imagine running an online business with your sibling? The founders of SAM & LANCE aren’t just best friends, they’re also sisters. Between the two of them, Veronica and Alora have acquired an MBA and four different undergraduate degrees. They’ve also been to 75 countries and have lived in

Scotland will become the first country to offer free pads and tampons

Scotland is taking a stand against “period poverty.” Last week, the country’s parliament approved a bill that will make pads and tampons free. The vote passed 112-0 – a resounding aye. The legislation still needs to be signed into law, which lawmakers consider a given. Currently, students can already get free sanitary