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Hot Off the Cold Press: Dose Juice

There’s a hot new juice in town and it may just make you hop on the fresh and fruity bandwagon. If you’ve had trouble swallowing green juice mania (literally), you may want to give it another go. With its awesome taste, arty aesthetic and cool kid vibe, Dose is quickly, if not already, becoming Montreal’s answer to more intense juice cleanses that don’t quite sit right on the palette

A Notable Needle: Intravenous Vitamin Treatments at The IV Wellness Boutique

Within a two-block radius in Yaletown, it’s pretty easy to hit a Bar Method class, pick up a kale smoothie, and touch up your spray tan all in one go. A morning spent in the area can be very reminiscent of LA, especially when the sun is out. Add to that the arrival of the IV Wellness Boutique’s series of intravenous vitamin services and you might as well be in the heart of SoCal