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The Ultimate 2020 Mother’s Day Gift Guide

The holiday we know as Mother’s Day in its essence, is a celebration of the nurturers, the givers, the comforters in our lives that we appreciate so much. With social isolation very much in effect, not everyone gets to be with their loved ones, especially if they have compromised health,

Where to Stay, Play and Dine in the Islands of Tahiti

Waking up in an overwater bungalow, swimming with sharks and dining on Tahitian favourite, Poisson cru are three things EVERYONE must experience while visiting the Islands of Tahiti. While I could easily add twenty more activities to this list, I’m a strong believer that vacations should be tailored to the

Have you ever been the victim of vacation shaming?

Only, like, every single day, amirite? Indeed, Canada has a guilt-trip culture around taking time off from work to enjoy life. In fact, two-thirds of Canadians don’t take their full legally-allotted vacation time, which is already very bad. This is according to a recent survey by Skyscanner, a company which

The Bohemian Side of Texas You Need To See

Texas surprised me. While I expected BBQ ribs, cowboy hats, and mechanical bulls (and found world-class choices by the fistfuls), the magic of “The Lone Star” state for me was discovering it’s softer, Bohemian side.  Sprawling art museums, artisanal cocktails, and restaurants that cater to vegetarian and paleo lifestyle choices

Absolutely Do Not Trust Canadians’ Travel Recommendations

Vacations are expensive and your only respite from an entire year of labour that affords you, literally and figuratively, about two weeks of time away from it all. That makes choosing a destination a pretty big responsibility. And like all responsibility, it’s best to take it upon yourself. Do not