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Airbnb Now Wants to Help You Plan Your Dream Vacation

Think Airbnb is just a cheap alternative to hotels? Think again. The popular room-renting website is testing a new mobile app that will give users recommendations for local restaurants and attractions – kind of like having a hotel concierge in your pocket. A test version of the software is called Airbnb

This is How You Do the Ultimate Girls’ Weekend in Québec City

Sometimes there’s no better trip than an inside-joke-filled girls’ weekend. Thankfully, we have no shortage of exciting year-round road trip options in our home and native land. You’ll find the best of all worlds in Québec City as you eat, drink, and treat yourself to all the offerings of this

9 Essential Tips for Your First Backpacking Trip – No Matter Where You’re Going

Whether you’re lugging around an overstuffed backpack or kept sleepless by a snoring dorm mate, there are some first-time backpacker experiences better avoided from the start. Don’t learn the hard way. Travelcuts, an online exclusive travel brand helping Canadians see the world their way, connected with Rough Guides to put together

15 Vacations You Should Take Before You Have Kids

Settling down and having kids undoubtedly changes your lifestyle in a myriad of ways. But for travel-loving millennials, it may not have occurred to them just how much it might affect their future vacations. Exploring the world with children will open their eyes and teach them about different cultures around

Google Says This is How Much Time Canadians Spend Planning Their Trips

As if we didn’t already know how much millennials love to travel, along comes Google with an infograph to tell us even more about our wanderlust. A break down of travel trends by the popular search engine has detailed exactly how much time we Canadians spend planning our perfect trips – and let’s just say,