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Avoid these things if you want to travel well this year

As it does every year, Airbnb is starting to compile travel trends. Trends mean followers, which essentially mean people, which most travellers probably want less of on their holiday. Which makes Airbnb’s travel trends a perfect forecast of what to avoid in 2020. Unless, of course, you truly enjoy doing

Canada, don’t you care about anything other than sports and celebs?

The year is coming to an end, which means it’s time to litter the Internet with lists. That’s how this works, ok, and you will like it. Today’s info dump comes courtesy of Google, which has analyzed literally trillions of searches to reveal ‘Year in Search’ trends. In other words, what

Why Future Festival Is The Place To Be For Young Professionals

When you first hear the words “Future Festival” your mind may go to an episode of The Jetsons, or a musical festival, or a trade show for Star Wars aficionados – but I assure you, it is all the more impressive, immersive and experiential. This past September, I had the

These Were the Biggest Trends on Instagram in 2017

Instagram has just published its Year in Review, revealing the social media giant and blogger’s best friend’s top hashtags, users, cities, locations, filters, and pets. With over 800 million users across the globe, it offers a pretty accurate snapshot of popular trends. We know people prefer bunny faces over puppy

10 Food Trends We Hope Die in 2017

One day you can’t go a minute without stepping on a taco shell and the next you can’t find a quinoa burger to save your life. Like in fashion and fitness, trends in food come and go at the speed of a shared plate. Some are embraced with open mouths,