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Uber Competitor Lyft Will Start Operating in Toronto Next Month

When Uber first hit the scene, Torontonians were elated to have a taxi alternative. In the years since, however, there have been a number of high-profile gripes with the popular ride-hailing service, ranging from stories of driver misconduct to criticism of the San Francisco-based company’s business model. Starting next month,

Uber’s Biggest Competitor Could Be Coming to Toronto

Uber’s current hold over the Toronto ride-sharing industry could become a thing of the past: you may soon have another option for a “lyft” at your fingertips. Apparently, American company Lyft has been eyeing Toronto, as The Star reports. The ride-share app is hugely popular south of the border, especially its Lyft Line

Uber is Launching a $5 Commuting Service, UberHOP, This Week in Toronto

Popular car-hailing service Uber is making headlines again as they launch their new commuting service, UberHOP, this week. UberHOP is the latest service available to Toronto commuters and will use larger vehicles to drive a maximum of five riders from a shared starting point. They will then be dropped off at a

Uber is Offering New Users Free Rides to and From Voting Polls Today

In case you’re somehow unaware, today is election day. This year, you have absolutely no excuse to forgo your duty to vote. Polling stations are literally everywhere, your employer is obliged to grant you three hours of time to cast your ballot, and Uber is even taking care of your