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6 Unique Company Perks That Actually Change The Workplace

Celebrate, people: the dreaded Monday to Friday, 9 to 5 grind is finally on its way out. In its place, we have perks like flexible work hours, spaces to do yoga or exercise, beer or wine social nights and team bonding through community involvement. It seems like employers are finally

Why You Should Seek Out a Company That Encourages Volunteering

Traditional corporate culture is quickly becoming outdated, as agile start-ups, tech companies, and even large-scale corporations push the boundaries on incorporating new values into the workplace. One of the central tenants of a strong corporate value system is undoubtedly its ties to the community. And the simplest way for companies

5 Ways Canadian Entrepreneurs Can Fund a Startup

The world of work for millennials is a completely different ballgame than it was for our parents and predecessors a decade ago. And though that brings with it a series of challenges and obstacles, it’s also a time of excitement, career diversification, and evolving office environments that reflect the way

5 Companies That Are Going Above and Beyond to Engage Their Communities

Smart companies understand that a good business is defined by much more than the products or services they sell. These days, sustainable practices, environmental stewardship, community investment, employee benefits and ethical operations are all part of the package that defines what it means to be a truly great business. In

These 5 Businesses Are Winning Customers Over With Exceptional Customer Service

We see it quite often; people remain fiercely loyal to a business because they’re so impressed with the company’s customer service. It’s arguably more common, though, to see people ditch businesses that may offer a great product on the market, but treat customers as an afterthought. Truly successful businesses pride