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The New York Times’ Most Popular Comment Ever is About Canada

Forget about the American Dream. The most popular comment of all time on The New York Times’s site was a tribute to Canada and all the wonderful things about her. And it’s author? Bob from Calgary. In an attempt to show the world what the Times comment moderators have to

Everyone Should Settle Down About Trudeau Hiring Two Nannies With Public Money

Given our poor track record of orchestrating a proper scandal, perhaps it’s no surprise that people are calling for Justin Trudeau to be barrelled over the edge of Niagara Falls for employing two nannies using the eight cents generated from every small coffee sold at Tim Horton’s. Nevertheless, these people

You Probably Paid More Taxes Than Facebook Did in the U.K. Last Year

Did you make $210 million last year? No? Well, Facebook did (in the U.K.). And guess what? They probably also paid less tax than you. This latest example of the world being unfair comes after press reports of Facebook’s 2014 corporate tax bill, which amounts to a paltry $8,600. For