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The Spanish Influences that Shaped Rob Bragagnolo’s Labora

Chef Rob Bragagnolo wants you to eat as the Spanish do – and not just in the dishes you’re served, (though you’ll find favourites like aged serrano ham and tomato rubbed Cristal bread) but also in the social manner in which you enjoy them. “The Spanish are not having massive

Stop Feeling Guilty About Not Wanting to Share Your Food

“All of our dishes are designed to be shared.” It’s a statement urban foodies hear on the regular. And there’s absolutely no deviating from it. “Well, what are you allergic to?” a server will ask when you tell them you want to stray from the group order and do your own

11 Toronto Restaurants that Don’t Just Serve Tacos, Tapas or Burgers

Tacos, tapas, and burgers have been dominating the Toronto foodie scene since before the cronut. And while that’s all well and good, sometimes you just feel like a meal that’s a little more on the classic side of things. Well, don’t worry, we’ve got 11 of the best restaurants in the city at your service