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Why Toronto Needs to Be More Thankful for the Streetcar

What spans 83km, has 600V running through it, and lets roughly 250, 000 Torontonians ride it per day? It’s the one, the only, ever-popular Toronto Streetcar System. Hating public transit is an easy thing to do. Sometimes it doesn’t come when you want it, sometimes it’s unbearably stuffy and crowded,

Almost One-Third Of Toronto Bike Accidents Are Caused by Streetcar Tracks

If you’re a frequent cyclist and live Toronto, then you already know that the streetcar tracks are pretty much your worst enemy. Of course, many cyclists find this out the hard way. A new study from researchers in British Columbia and Toronto exposes just how hazardous the tracks are to

TTC Working on New Downtown Streetcar Route

Anyone who’s taken a streetcar across King Street can attest to the route’s futility as a time-saving method of transportation. To ease the congestion – King Street’s 504 streetcar moves around 65,000 passengers each weekday – the TTC has proposed a new route that will run between the Distillery District and Liberty Village.

Toronto Star Reveals TTC’s 15 Most Dangerous Routes

For many Torontonians, the TTC is their only, um, ‘reliable’ means of transportation. Most of the time you can ride on a streetcar or bus in peace. Being left alone to read your paper, catch up on emails, or just relax for a few minutes before reaching your final destination. But no

TTC Will Sue Bombardier for Failing to Deliver New Streetcars As Promised

The ongoing streetcar fiasco has reached its final stop: the Toronto Transit Commission board has voted to sue Bombardier over a fleet of trams the company has yet to deliver. The motion did not specify an amount, though threat of legal action earlier this month following Bombardier’s backing out of