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The Business of Self Care, with Gldn Hour Co-Founder Julia Clauser

In honour of World Environment Day, we had the chance to talk with co-founder and CEO of gldn hour align of collagen infused sparkling water that Julia Clauser and her co-founder Jessica Dumont Nadeau launched in 2020. From minimal packaging to eco-safe ingredients, respecting the planet and all the resources

Here’s How To Start a Multi-Million Dollar Biz in Your Dorm Room

Jaden Pereira started a multi-million dollar business in his dorm room.  Also known as Tyltgo: a customized same-day delivery service and software. Jaden went from delivering shawarma to his friends to partnering with massive retailers and acquiring a $2.3 million seed round earlier this year. How did he do it?

9 Types of People You’ll Find Working at a Startup

All hands on deck, guys. Welcome to Startup life. You were so excited when you applied to that job offering great career prospects in a fun, non-traditional work atmosphere (there was a frigging ping-pong table in the advert for crying out loud!) You nailed the interview process, and now you’ve got

Having Money is the Most Important Factor That Determines Success as an Entrepreneur

Bold title, we know. We’ll get to the academia behind this claim in a moment, but let’s consider an unquantifiable, though undoubtedly true, notion for some perspective: less people with a true passion and commitment build financially successful companies than people who are somewhat less passionate and committed but have access