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The Blind Eye Of Entertainment

Over the past 3 weeks a wave of sexual assault and harassment accusations have rocked the film and TV industry. The reaction has been swift. Producers, actors, agents and more have been terminated from their jobs, and men and women are rising up to support the #metoo movement of victims

#MeToo: What To Do If You’re Being Sexually Harassed In The Workplace

Over the past few weeks, it’s been almost impossible to find a news publication that hasn’t covered the Harvey Weinstein scandal. Famed Hollywood producer and studio executive Harvey Weinstein was formerly known as someone who could ‘make or break’ an actress’s career in Hollywood. It was Weinstein’s name and production

Uber’s New Guidelines Ban Flirting, Sex, and Barfing in the Car

If you have a thing for getting tipsy and hitting on Uber drivers, you need to stop. For real. Yesterday, the rideshare company we all have a love/hate relationship with rolled out new guidelines to combat sexual harassment – and they include no flirting. “Don’t touch or flirt with other

Video: A BBC Journalist is Sexually Harassed While Reporting on Sexual Harassment

Even BBC journalist Sarah Teale had to point out how ironic the moment was: Irony – reporting how 95% of women are victims of verbal harassment-and a man shouts sexual obscenities at me @bbcemt — Sarah Teale (@SarahTeale) September 24, 2015 And the thing is, it would be funny if it