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The Search is On: There is a $1000 Token Hidden in Toronto Right Now

Could you use an extra $1000? We’re pretty sure we all could. If you’re also looking for something to do this weekend, you’re (hopefully) in luck. And no, we’re not trying to recruit you for a weekend gig. Apparently, someone is leaving tokens hidden in locations across Toronto – and

Norway Gave Brazil a $1 Billion ‘Thank You’ for Not Destroying the Amazon

Seven years ago, the Amazon forest was in critical need of resuscitation. Ravaged by extensive deforestation, the largest rainforest in the world had become a place of severe wildlife destruction and greenhouse gas emission. Then Norway stepped in. The Scandinavian country, renowned for its commitment to protect tropical rainforests, pledged $1 billion to

United Airlines Rewards Hackers With 1 Million Free Miles

The skills of two male hackers have resulted in them receiving one million free air miles. United Airlines has rewarded two computer experts who detected security holes in its website with one million free miles each. The airline operates a “bug bounty” scheme that rewards hackers who privately share flaws in

This Harvard Business Grad Will Pay You $10,000 if You Can Find Him a Girlfriend

We’ll be the first to admit that dating can get frustrating. One failed date after another can be nothing short of cumulatively depressing. That’s why one young professional from Birmingham, Alabama has decided to take a proactive approach. And no – we’re not talking about online dating (well, not really).