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Montreal’s Corey Fleischer is Cleaning Up Hate One Wall at a Time

Five years ago. Montreal’s Corey Fleischer started Provincial Power Washing. It started as a small project, but has now turned into something that has completely taken over his life. At first he didn’t even realize the impact that this would have on people, but once he witnessed it, PPW became more than

Black Miss Universe Japan is Fighting for a Racial Revolution

When Ariana Miyamoto took home the crown as Miss Universe Japan back in March, people were pissed. Social media buzzed with criticism that the crown should have gone to a “pure” Japanese woman, rather than a “haafu.” Well, she isn’t taking any of it

The Best Reaction to Racism in Sports

What Barcelona’s Dani Alves did over the weekend was about as good a response we’ve seen to banana throwing, a popular (though still very rare) sign of aggression towards black players in the beautiful game