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Meet Liz Bertorelli, Founder of the Year-Round Pride Brand, Passionfruit

It’s a beautiful thing when you get to combine passion and work. And because of passionfruit, Liz Bertorelli does just that.  With so many brands seen “rainbow-washing” their logos and merchandise going into pride month, Liz felt it was extremely important that there was a brand that encouraged visibility and

Pride Month – Where To Support Diverse Entrepreneurs

As we come to the end of Pride Month, it’s important for us as conscious consumers to remember that Pride Month really is every month. In an effort to continue to amplify diverse voices and make diverse entrepreneurs more discoverable, a new permanent collection on Shopify’s Shop app has been released, featuring

How Isolation Helped Me Own My Pronouns and Pansexual Identity

One year into the pandemic I came out as pansexual with she/they pronouns on Facebook.  The former has been common knowledge to my close friends and colleagues for years and the latter slowly developed as I spent more and more time with myself during isolation.  I exited a relationship in

#NOTABLEPEOPLE: Face & Co-Creator of ET Canada Pride Stephen Krajinovic

What’s the secret sauce to a successful TV career?  For Stephen Krajinovic – producer, co-creator, and face of ET Canada Pride – it’s all about finding your own voice so you can amplify others. We asked this seasoned pro how he carved his own path in the industry, how COVID-19