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Friends With Your Ex? Turns Out You Might Be a Psychopath

“My ex is a TOTAL PSYCHO” said practically everyone at some point. And if you’re still hanging out with yours, you could be right. But that means you’re probably one too. If you’ve ever regarded those friends who remain chummy with exes post-breakup with suspicion, it turns out you might be

These Illustrations Perfectly Categorize the Two Kinds of People in the World

Every single person in the world will be able to relate to this. Portuguese art director João Rocha has created a series of illustrations that contrast trivial behaviours between people who are organized and those who are more scatterbrained. Rocha has been uploading them to a Tumblr page called ‘2 Kinds of

The 9 Types of UberX Drivers You’ll See This Weekend

This post is brought to you by Atlas Communications. If there’s one thing in life that’s for certain, it’s that young professionals living in Toronto absolutely love Uber. But what makes UberX stand out as a service is all of the amazing characters behind the wheel that we get to share

Study: People Who Like Bitter Foods Are More Likely to be Narcissistic Psychopaths

There’s a reason unpleasant people are referred to as ‘bitter’. According to a study from Austria’s University of Innsbruck, having a fondness for bitter foods could mean you have psychopathic tendencies – few notches above simply unpleasant. So, just how psychopathic are we talking? Worryingly so, as it turns out. Those