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Ryna is Making Renting Easier and Safer for Women Across Canada

Finding a roommate and a place to rent can be uncomfortable, difficult and frustrating, especially for single women living in large cities. In response to this reality, two BIPOC women are aiming to make these tasks simpler and more reliable, while also creating a community. For people who don’t know,

Ottawa water fountains found guilty for not speaking French

Look, no one needs instructions for operating a water fountain. Nevertheless, several drinking dispensers in Ottawa were found guilty of not labelling their ‘push’ buttons in French. That’s poussez, by the way. The buttons were marked in English and braille. Adding to the travesty, the offending parties were located on Parliament Hill, which

Photos: Double Tornado Wreaks Havoc in Ottawa-Gatineau

For those unaffected, it’s hard to imagine the devastation two tornados brought upon the Ottawa-Gatineau region on Friday. The first twister, an EF-3 with wind speeds between 136 and 165 mph, struck the town of Dunrobin, Ont., just outside of Ottawa. After destroying 60 buildings, it then moved towards Gatineau., where another

Leafs Games Are the Most Expensive Ticket in Ottawa This Season

As much as it will hurt any Senators fan to admit, the Toronto Maple Leafs are now a Tier 1 hockey club. And if there’s any dispute, they can take it up with their organization’s ticketing department. The Senators recently released their home schedule, with each game assigned a tier