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Introducing The 2018 Notable Awards Advisory Committee

Notable Life has become highly known for celebrating Canada’s entrepreneurial superstars at our annual awards show – this year marks the 8th annual Notable Awards and we couldn’t be more excited. Chaired by the 2017 Notable Award Leader of the Year, Laura Denham, our 2018 Advisory Committee has been given the

8 Reasons Why You Should Stay In On Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is posed to be one of the most romantic days of the year, but often the pressure of such a daunting holiday can spoil all the fun. If you’re partnered up with someone, the thought of buying a gift, writing a card and planning the perfect date can

Here’s What’s Open New Year’s Day In Canada

Happy New Year! Finally, a fresh start from all the mayhem that was 2017. Hopefully you’re not too hungover and ready to take on this great, winter holiday. If you’re looking for something to do, somewhere to go, or something to eat across Canada – we’ve got you covered. Here

Secrets of The Biz: Eric Brass, Tequila Tromba

Meet Eric Brass. Backer of the underdog. Believer that passion, determination and hard work can overcome almost any conventional obstacle. Tell us about Tromba Tequila Tromba is named after the intense rainstorms that feed the legendary Mexican highlands where the world’s finest tequila is made. We made Tromba for those