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Nike Releases YouTube Series for Those Overwhelmed by Exercise

#thinspiration #goals #gymlife #strong #noexcuses. There’s a constant stream of hashtags on Instagram and across social media reminding us daily that we should get off our lazy butts and go workout. More often than not, however, the constant calls to exercise only serve to root me even deeper to the couch,

Video: This is What Kevin Hart’s Workout Routine Looks Like

Kevin Hart is a notoriously hard worker – a habit he exercises off the stage too. Literally. Case in point: His training routine, which he adapted after recognizing the toll working 14-hour days six days a week was having on his physical well-being. While most people would have absolutely no

Survey Says: These Are the Three Biggest Brands Among College-Age Women

If you have a university-aged female on your holiday list, you may want to pay attention. Goldman Sachs polled hundreds of college-age women on their favourite clothing brands, revealing three clear winners. Though the results aren’t necessarily surprising, the favourites mark a departure from longtime market-dominators like Abercrombie & Fitch,

Nike Just Made a Shoe Specifically for Toronto (It’s Called ‘The 6’)

Nike has designed a Toronto shoe. So, what does it mean? Well, since Drake is Toronto and vice versa, the special edition Air Max 1 will be named ‘The 6’. The tongue label will feature a maple leaf, and they’re otherwise a pretty decent monochrome sneaker. The sixes were officially unveiled last