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An Apple Lover’s Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Review

This is a tale of Smartphone star-crossed lovers. I met my iPhone back in 2012. I don’t remember which phone I had before, but I do remember feeling really late to the iPhone game. Once I made the switch, however, it was permanently in my hand. I had never really

New York’s New Subway Features a Groundbreaking Mural of a Gay Couple

On New Year’s Day, New York City got a something Torontonians can only dream about – a brand new subway line. The city’s 2nd Avenue Subway line will not only make life easier for New Yorkers with places to be, it will offer subway commuters a daily dose of inspirational art.

You Can Get Your Work (and Hair) Done at This New Modern-Day Women’s Club

There’s something distinctively comforting about the estrogen-dominated space of ladies’ nights and girls’ trips. Realizing how underrated ladies’ nights are, 29-year-old Audrey Gelman – a New York City-based entrepreneur – launched a modern day women’s club called The Wing. Offering yearly and monthly memberships, The Wing is a female-focused space