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Fresh Pickings Hit the Streets of Vancouver

Talk about scoring healthy eats on the way to and from the office. The farm just got a little closer to home with the recent launch of FarmCity Fresh Cart, which made it’s debut on the streets of downtown Vancouver and New Westminster late last week.

Have You Jumped on the Coconut Craze?

Gwyneth Paltrow swears by coconut oil as a moisturizer, mouthwash and as a cooking substitute. Minnie Driver claims it is the ultimate hair conditioner, and athletes are swapping sports drinks with coconut water for its high potassium and mineral content. We’ve unlocked the reasons why everyone seems to be going crazy for coconuts

Joel Carriere and Jordan Hastings: Today’s Notable Young Entrepreneurs

Joel Carriere and Jordan Hastings are the founders of Dine Alone Foods, an all-natural line of sauces that includes a classic Southern Blues BBQ sauce, a sweet-smoky Northern Soul chipotle BBQ sauce, and a spicy Rock N’ Roll hot sauce. But trust us when we say there’s more to these guys than sauce

Hot Off the Cold Press: Dose Juice

There’s a hot new juice in town and it may just make you hop on the fresh and fruity bandwagon. If you’ve had trouble swallowing green juice mania (literally), you may want to give it another go. With its awesome taste, arty aesthetic and cool kid vibe, Dose is quickly, if not already, becoming Montreal’s answer to more intense juice cleanses that don’t quite sit right on the palette