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1/4 of Canadian Millennials Lie About Their Income to a Get Mortgage

Nearly a quarter of Canadian Millennials with mortgages are white-collar criminals. According to a recent Equifax survey, nearly 23 per cent of millennials believe it’s acceptable to inflate your annual income when applying for a mortgage. By comparison, only 12 per cent of the general population hold the same opinion. That

4 Things Millennials Should Know About Buying a Home

Sponsored Advertising Content It’s tough to be a millennial right now. Millennial pink is no longer the colour of the year. Our near-obsessive relationship with social media means we’re scrolling well into the night and losing sleep. And we can’t afford a house because we’ve spent too much money on

Toronto Is Becoming New York: Apartments Are the Future for Families

A young Toronto planner confirmed something that’s dominated conversations with my over-30 friends as of late. Many (especially those lacking a trust fund or who are in the arts) may be unable to afford a home in Toronto, and as a result, condos and apartments are the future for millennial