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9 Summer Goals You Can (and Should) Still Accomplish

In life, it’s important to have goals that inspire you to do more, see more, and be more. From small to large and personal to communal, your goals could be anything, as long as they have nothing to with killing a lion for money, because that would make you the

There’s a Giant Slip-And-Slide Coming to Montreal

Yes, you read that right. A 1000-foot vinyl slip-and-slide (that’s over 3 football fields) will be taking over Parc Olympique on August 15th and you seriously don’t want to miss this. We recently mentioned Slide the City in our 10 summer events you need to check in August, but this level

10 Great Montreal Events to Check Out in August

With July nearly ready to close up shop, August is ready to step into the spotlight. And indeed it will, with a whole plethora of awesome summer events. From a 4-day yoga retreat in the mountains to the coolest film festival in the world, Montreal is bringing its all to August. [ad_bb1]

Battleground on the Streets: Montreal Summer Anarchy

Winter is slowly but surely fading while spring/summer is unhurriedly embracing us with its desired warmth. As the roads rid from the snow and the temperature allows for outside activities, a herd of Montrealers happily migrate their life to the outdoors. As the commuters increase in number, all rules of engagement are forgotten

The Ruler Of Summer Festivals: Montreal Jazz Fest

“The king of Montreal’s assorted summer cultural festivals,” as described by the New York Times, stands true every year. Maybe to us Montrealers, seeing dozens of stages filled with magnificent talent and music soaring across street corners is something we are accustomed to, but perhaps we take it a little for granted